About Us

Texpert Avenue Sourcing - is primarily dealing textile and apparel industry as manufacture and sourcing agency in Bangladesh. The Company deals with European, American, Canadian, South African, UK & Australian textile customers and the company is capable to handle all kinds of circular knit, flat knit and woven/denim textiles.

Texpert Avenue Sourcing selects famed manufacturing facilities and puts utmost sincerity on product quality and having wide range of correlated textile material sourcing facilities and hunt new textile fashion trend. The Company keeps highly skilled and well trained textile educated merchants. In order to quote product cost Texpert Avenue Sourcing emphasize to maximize productivity, minimize process lose, managing multi- sourcing and work efficiency. Texpert Avenue Sourcing having well trained, highly professional CSR team to control safety issues and relevant social compliance monitoring system in production facilities.

We Believe

We believe to lead the global garment industry by providing our product and services to you and others who make a difference in this ever changing fashion world.

  • Quality at all Costs
  • On time Delivery
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Safe Working Environment
  • Build long term partnership with buyers
  • Social and environmental accountability

We maintain the bellow factory standard

Our manufacturing partners are compliant with international standards and code of conduct –


We follows the Textile Standard

Importance of Organic Product

  • grown in a way that uses methods and materials that lessen the impact on our environment
  • uses far less water than conventionally grown cotton
  • crops aren’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and GMOs (which are harmful and deadly to humans and wildlife)
  • Organic products are softer and easier on your skin

Our Mission

Our vision is to establish ourselves as a specialist sourcing agency both to the enterprises and independent buyers and to inspire them to build a business model integrating into it.Our strategy is to place human value at the forefront, investment in R&D and human resource development, regular upgrade of quality management systems and share transparent information with our buyers.

Our Vision

Our desire is to serve our customers with products of quality, utility, durability and to manufacture and export the finest quality Knit , Woven , Sweaters and similar products.

Our Leadership

Sonjoy Majumder

Chief Executive Officer

email: sonjoy@texpertavenue.com

Fauzia Nusrat Zeva

Chief Operational Officer

email: zeva@texpertavenue.com

Imtiyas Mahamud

Head Of Commercial & Finance

email: imtiyas@texpertavenue.com

Texpert Avenue